We believe in concrete for the modern world, a world where it is essential that businesses be creative in their approach and homes look their best. We offer decorative concrete designs for the modern world, both commercial and residential, and believe in a way in which your home or business can be noticed simply by the way in which your concrete is decorated. Old boring concrete designs are a thing of the past, and we think that in order to compete in today’s world, that we must offer services that are unlike any other with the help of our sister companies, bcasphalt.net – concrete & cement paving contractor, and of course, the famous BC Asphalts – Santa Rosa pavement contractor.

Whether it is an ornate walkway, unique concrete building architecture, or a simple pour that is second to none, our talented staff with more than 20 years of combined experience can give you exactly what you need to stand out above the crowd and decoration that will be noticed by everyone around you. Have you ever seen a concrete structure that is simply different than the surrounding ones? It sure does have a way to captivate the eye and set the building apart from the rest of the world. For more than 10 years, as a company, we have been the number one source for all unique pours, which has made us the largest concrete company in the area.

Doing things differently

We believe that the old style of concrete is something that is tried and tested, but in order to stand out in the modern world, it must be adjusted. We are in the business of bringing the concrete industry into the 21st century with unique pours and a business model that puts customers first. Our customers are some of the most informed in the world, but are also all about unique pours that go against tradition. There is something to be said about ornate concrete work that is different from everything else, and we guarantee that our pours are the best on the market.

We use the latest in concrete equipment not only to create a perfect pour every time, but also design the pour just how you want it. No matter the design that you desire, we guarantee that we can do it seamlessly and give your driveway, building, walkway, or any other concrete structure the flair that it needs to stand out. Today, it is all about going against the grain and giving customers and passers by something truly amazing to look at. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, having a unique concrete design is the best way to attract business and show your forward thinking.

There is a reason that we do what we do, and that is to show people that concrete pouring is a traditional trade, but also one that can adopt to the current time. We believe that by simply adding designs to traditional concrete structures, that we are creating something much more than a cosmetic effect, but rather something that draws the eye and therefore, business. Come see the difference that a unique pour can make by contacting us today.